Apollo Reed Diffuser Gift Box | Hydrangea

The Apollo Reed Diffuser is a simple and elegant vessel to diffuse scented oil into your powder room, bedroom, or other smaller space in your home. Snowdrop is a beautiful opaque white. This vessel also doubles as a bud vase. Handblown glass made in Rhode Island. 

  • Aqua Verbena - a citrusy blend of lemon and lime with hints of coriander and geranium 
  • Balsam Fir - for the tree-lovers out there, a lovely mix of balsam fir with a tad of red cedar and sandalwood
  • Lavender - a favorite among many, lavender is considered to be calming and restorative
  • Lily of the Valley - a gorgeous floral blend of lily of the valley, jasmine, and rose along with magnolia and yang yang
  • Sandalwood - a warm, earthy, and exotic scent of Indian sandalwood with hints of citrus and lavender

Fill the Apollo with your selected scent then place the 10 natural reeds in to dampen the ends. Flip the reeds over and soon your room will have a lovely scent. Ideal for smaller spaces.

The fragrance oil is made in the USA comes in 4-ounce amber glass bottles and is made with essential oils, natural oils, and without phthalates, alcohol, or DPG and is ready to use. The vessel measures 4" high and the opening is 1".

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