Happy Happenstance Candle

All our glass bowls are made individually by hand, however, the occasional “happy happenstance” can occur: a small bubble in the glass or dab of unexpected color. These vessels turned out to be the beginning of a new product and partnership with Prosperity Candle. 

Our Happy Happenstance bowls pair perfectly with their all-natural and phthalate-free candles crafted from a soy-wax blend and essential oils.  Once the candle burns low, you're left with a gorgeous vessel to reuse or display. Each candle is one of a kind so choose from a few scented or unscented options and we will send it in one of our vibrantly colored handblown glass bowl that we know you will love. 

Like Serve Kindness, Prosperity Candle is a mission-based company. They employ a team of women artisans from their community, many of them refugees working to build brighter futures for themselves and their families here in the U.S.  Learn more about our partnership here.

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