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The Creative Process


Spring is a time for new beginnings, so it’s only appropriate that our idea for a handblown glass bowl was sparked during the spring of 2017. And with the idea, came a desire to learn all about the creation process.

We read every resource we could find, watched hours of videos, and reached out to friends and acquaintances who are immersed in the art and design world. We took fun field trips to local glass studios and participated in classes to gain firsthand experience.

We shared our idea with friends, family, and professional associates, explaining our vision of a beautiful bowl that represented the very concepts of “serving kindness”: cheerful, colorful, modern, and affordable. An ideal gift that inspires hospitality and brings people together—and gives back to organizations doing good works. A gift that creates a ripple effect of beauty and kindness.


When it was time to create the bowls, we knew we wanted to partner with a master of the craft, someone who celebrates the practice, the process, and the tradition of glassblowing. Our good friend Maureen Keefe introduced us to James McLeod, a glass professor at Massachusetts College of Art—and an exceptionally talented artist and all-around nice guy.

We explained our idea for a glass bowl, and to our good fortune, James was excited to work with us. The three of us spent the summer of 2017 designing and experimenting, making bowls in different shapes, styles, sizes, and colors.

After weeks and months of creative collaboration, we had our signature bowl with a stunning vibrantly-colored interior and a brilliant white exterior!


We were ready to start making our bowls in October 2017, so James gathered his team of gaffers and assistants, all former students and graduates of the MassArt Program to start blowing in time for the 2017 holiday season.

Our highly skilled team works together to gather the layers of glass, blow into a bubble, form it to a cherry wood mold, and cool overnight. The next day the piece is finished by cutting, grinding, and polishing (coldworking) it.

Designed and made in Massachusetts, a Serve Kindness bowl represents the very best of American craftsmanship and handblown glass.