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Our Story

Melissa Brooks, Founder of Serve Kindness, smiles warmly in a studio setting.Jillian Darling, Founder of Serve Kindness, smiles brightly.
We are Melissa Brooks and Jillian Darling and we met over ten years ago when our daughters were in nursery school. Since then, we have discovered our shared interests in art, travel, and food, and our common values of kindness, truth, and humility. We founded Serve Kindness in the Fall of 2017 as a way to put our interests and values into action.

Why bowls? All over the world, bowls are used to serve, share, create and collect. They are the centerpieces of our gatherings and help to create a meaningful community and often have stories and histories that are inspiring to tell.

We've partnered with master glass-blowers to create our beautiful, hand-blown glass bowls made in Massachusetts, and with established charities who work relentlessly to serve kindness in their communities, so that we may provide a quality product with a strong impact. Serve Kindness creates powerful ripples that spread from our tables to our hearts and throughout our communities.