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All around the world and throughout time, bowls have been used to serve, share, create, and collect.  

They are cherished heirlooms, passed through families and generations.

They are special accents in our homes, adding warmth to every nook and corner, welcoming guests with flair and festiveness.

They are a symbol of the kitchen, the heart of the home.

They are the centerpieces of our gatherings, helping us host family and friends, share meals and make memories, and celebrate occasions big and small.

Behind every bowl is a story, something that brings to mind important celebrations and rites of passage: marriages, anniversaries, births, housewarmings, and holidays. Across cultures, bowls are often at the center of the most cherished traditions, from naming ceremonies to meals of thanksgiving.

Because bowls are such treasured heirlooms, they must be made to stand the test of time. That’s why we chose hand-blown glass. For more than 5000 years, humans have been combining sand and fire to make glass. Glass is durable, food-safe, and offers a vibrancy and beauty that complements every style. And hand-blowing glass is an artform—one we’re proud to celebrate by partnering with local artists carrying on this beautiful, creative tradition.

A Serve Kindness bowl is a vibrant, versatile vessel with so many uses. Get Inspired!

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