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  • Serve Kindness bowls make the perfect gift! It's fun to mix and match the sizes and colors to create different looks. They are well made, functional, and beautiful. I have given these beautiful bowls for Mother's Day, teacher appreciation, birthdays and housewarming gifts. We also use them daily in our own home!  I love the vibrant, cheerful colors, and their mission to give back makes it an especially meaningful gift. Melissa and Jillian are wonderful to work with. Highly recommend!

    Suzanne W., The Second Step, Newtonville, MA

  • In addition to their stunning hand-blown bowls, thoughtful packaging, and wonderful customer service- Serve Kindness' mission and dedication to giving back to the community truly blows us away. It sparks so much joy everytime we use our Serve Kindness bowl knowing that they give back to such amazing causes. The colors on the bowls are incredibly vibrant and we want to have them all!

    Annie W, Founder, MAPVIL

  • As an artist, I love these bowls. Every time I use them, I feel like I am creating a painting. The bright interiors make food colors pop and definitely make cooking or in my case, combining ingredients more fun. Tonight we mixed veggies in my bright yellow serving bowl which looked stunning. I am convinced these bowls make everything taste better. Buon appetito!

    Caro-Gray B., Boston

  • Serve Kindness is a no-brainer for an easy way to raise money!

    Liza, L., Montclair, NJ
    Read Hostess with the Mostest

  • The funds raised through the Serve Kindness campaign advance critical research initiatives and support programs to make a difference in the lives of patients. Your support funds important research initiatives, such as diet studies and our unique data platform (IBD Plexus) which is accelerating the research process to move us closer to cures and better treatments for these diseases. We thank you for making a difference!

    Jenna Wilson, Crohn's & Colitis Foundation

  • I absolutely love the bowl and the reasons behind the creativity and symbolism. Not only are they beautiful and useful, but then the background, packaging, messages and the gratitude expressed are amazing.

    Anita F., Chatham, MA

  • What could be better than serving kindness in our communities with beautiful hand-blown glass bowls? A great way to give back by choosing a charity that interests you at checkout and the bowls are perfect for so many uses. A great company with fantastic customer service.

    Miranda M., Charleston, SC

  • A good friend of mine introduced me to the bowls from Serve Kindness and they are now my favorite serving dishes to show off whenever I host an event.  They have also become my go to hostess, wedding or birthday present - everyone loves them and there is a color or set to fit every personality! I love that each bowl is unique and of course that every bowl you buy gives back to one of their partner charities.  Getting something you love while doing good in the community? Win, win! 

    Marjorie K., Montclair, NJ

  • As an admirer of great design, and good deeds, Serve Kindness is a wonderful company.  Not only do they have beautiful products, but their mission of giving back within the community elevates this company above the rest. I started collecting these handblown beauties, after I received a cobalt blue bowl as a gift. I love these bowls and am now a collector! 

    Lyn S., Florida

  • A friend gave me a bowl one day that was unlike any bowl I’d ever seen, with brilliant color. She said it was a “bowl with a purpose” and all profits go towards charity. After I checked out the website, I started buying bowls in different colors for our house – and for gifts for friends. Everyone we give one to has the same “Wow!” reaction we did. So now, instead of bringing bottles of wine or candles to dinner parties, we give “bowls with a purpose.” It’s a beautiful idea that is making a difference.  

    Brian, M., Belmont, MA

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