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What is a Pop Up Shop in Your Home party?

A Pop Up Shop in Your Home party is a fun and simple way to make a difference for the charity your are passionate about via a partnership with Serve Kindness.

Party With A Purpose Ideas:

  • Girls Night Out
  • Couples’ cocktail party
  • Housewarming Party with a Purpose
  • No-gift Birthday Party - shop & support a cause
  • Combine with a cooking or yoga class, book club, or other experience
  • Women's networking event

Tips For Hosting A Pop Up Shop Party

Our toolkit is intended to inspire and guide you through the planning process and answer any questions that you have along the way.  CTA: Download your toolkit


(using an accordion menu design)

What does the Serve Kindness Popup Shop in your home support?

  • Charity of your choice: 
    • 20% of all bowls sold will be donated to the charity
    • promotion of charity via social media and on our website 
    • Introduce your friends/family/colleagues to a great cause
  • Local artists
  • Promotion of the concept of intentional gift giving

How can I learn and share more information about Serve Kindness?

  • Visit our website or download a PDF overview of Serve Kindness here.
  • We will create a special shopping page for your to share before the event and for out of town friends and family

How will Serve Kindness assist with the party to make it easier?

  • Contribute $250.00 towards food and beverages
  • Supply bowls for serving food during the event
  • Provide tables and other items needed to display the bowls 
  • Coordinate with the charity of choice to receive donor information (rack cards, brochures)
  • Coordinate with you to design and send out evites and track rsvp’s
  • Give you a medium Kindness bowl of your choosing to remember the great event.

May I use the Serve Kindness logo?

  • Of course! Download our logos here.


  • Are there testimonials that you can get from previous hosts? 
    • How easy it was to host
    • How much fun the guests had
    • Sentiments for giving back

Ready to book?  Still have questions?  We are here to help. 

Call us at 617-350-9888 or email us at

Toolkit Outline (pdf)

(designed as a checklist?):

Still have questions?  We are here to help. 

Call us at 617-350-9888 or email us at