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Ribbon - Smoky Topaz

A special collaboration with famed glassblower Tracy Glover, @tracygloverstudio, resulted in the creation of this exclusive limited-edition handblown "Ribbon" bowl. 

Renowned for her exquisite hand blown glass lighting fixtures and tabletop, Tracy is regularly featured in design journals. 

The Ribbon bowl, which comes in several colorways, is crafted using thin glass cane rods handmade in her studio. The striped effect of vibrant colors reflects light beautifully. You might be inclined to simply display this gorgeous bowl, but we encourage you to use it - perfect as a Buddha bowl filled with your favorite grains, veggies, and protein.

We donate a portion of your purchase to a charity that you select at checkout. We believe in the powerful ripple effect of intentional gift giving. Your purchase is packaged with a card about the charity in an effort to raise awareness about their work.

Each bowl is approximately 4.0" tall and 6.5 - 7.0" wide.


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