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Hostess with the Mostest: An Oasis NJ Supporter Offers Her Tips for Planning the Perfect Serve Kindness Party 

Hostess with the Mostest: An Oasis NJ Supporter Offers Her Tips for Planning the Perfect Serve Kindness Party 

To change the lives of women and children by breaking the cycle of poverty through compassionate programs designed to feed, clothe, educate, and empower women and children in need. —Mission Statement, Oasis NJ

Former teacher Liza H. was new to the Montclair, NJ area and looking for a way to make a difference. Through her aunt, Serve Kindness co-founder Melissa Brooks, she discovered a way to put her love of a “good rosé party” to work raising funds for Oasis New Jersey.

In her experience with Oasis, Liza says she has been able to reconnect with her dedication to teaching by supporting an organization committed to giving women access to education and social services.

We invited Liza to tell her story of finding a charitable organization that speaks to her core values, how important it is to get involved locally and without delay, and how hosting a Serve Kindness party can help.


How did you get involved with Serve Kindness?

I am related to Melissa Brooks, the co-founder! I am her niece, and we’ve always shared a background and interest in art history. But even more than the family and art connection, I was excited to be able to support a family member doing good.

When I saw the bowls, I realized they truly are unique and different. And then the donation is just a wonderful added element.

What made you choose to get involved with Oasis NJ?

I knew I wanted a local organization that specifically helped women and children. I did some research and immediately thought Oasis looked like an interesting group.

Then I visited Oasis in person. And I was blown away! They’re doing amazing stuff, and so much of their work is focused on education. They help women earn GEDs, and they offer courses on topics like health and economics. Plus, they provide daycare so women can actually take the classes.

Why choose Serve Kindness to help you support Oasis NJ?

They just make it so easy! You give them the charity's name and contact information, and they do all of the legwork from there. I recently chaired another charitable event and spent a lot of time going door-to-door. Serve Kindness is a no-brainer for an easy way to raise money! (Interested in hosting your own Serve Kindness party? Contact us at

What are your top tips for planning a Serve Kindness party?

  1. Increase the Invites: Because Jillian and Melissa send out the evites, it just makes sense to invite as many people as possible—if you invite them, they will come! Tell guests to bring their friends, too. It’s all about asking in a way that’s not overbearing and promises that there’s no obligation to write a check.
  2. Thoughtful Timing: Be mindful of what time you schedule the party. Consider all the factors. Are you expecting people to get a babysitter? Do you wait until husbands come home from work so they can take over kid duty?
  3. Simple Food and Drink: Guests don’t tend to eat much during the party. Just get a couple of cases of good rosé, and make sure you don’t run out!
  4. Hone Your Pitch: Simply saying you’re hosting a “bowl party” invites confusion. Be sure to emphasize that these bowls are “gifts that give back.”

What did you learn from hosting the party?

  1. You can really educate people about your cause. It’s a great, casual way to share more about a cause or organization you care about. No one at my party had even heard of the charity I chose—but now they know all about Oasis’s good work!
  2. You’ll experience the ripple effect. All it takes is one person to get involved. Through my party, I helped spread awareness of Oasis, and they are getting more support.
  3. It’s easy to offer ongoing support to your charity. I already have another sale to benefit Oasis planned for November. Plus, orders placed online support Oasis anytime—they receive 10% of your purchase when you choose them at checkout.
  4. The bowls are special. Seeing them in person makes a difference. My guests kept saying, “Wow, these are artistically amazing.” They spent time holding the bowls, arranging them.

Will you try anything different for your next party in November?

I’m definitely planning to send a follow-up email to my guests letting them know how much money was raised—and thanking them for making that happen!

I’ll also encourage my guests to purchase the lower-priced bowls as gifts. They make especially great thank you or holiday gifts for teachers, especially since the purchase supports an organization dedicated to education.

Finally … how did you feel after hosting your first party?

The feedback was so positive on so many levels. Not only did the guests love the beautiful bowls and love learning about how they’re created, but they also appreciated discovering and helping an amazing organization like Oasis. Even with a party of 15 to 20 people mostly buying the smaller bowls, we were able to make a real difference to Oasis.

As soon as I heard that we raised over $600, I said, “We are definitely doing this again!”


Inspired to support Oasis? Shop our wide selection of bowls and choose Oasis as your charity at checkout.

Interested in hosting a party for a charity you love? Email us at

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