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Bowl Them Over with the Perfect Gift

Nested set of handblown glass bowls in Amethyst, gold and red from Serve Kindness

There’s just something about a bowl.

Bowls are versatile functional pieces. Most kitchens are stocked with bowls of every size and use, but every room in the house can benefit from a strategically-placed vessel, too. One by the door for keys. One in the office for paper clips and other small items. One by the bedside to hold jewelry.

Bowls are also versatile decorating pieces. Accessorize a shelf with bowls in assorted colors and sizes. Fill a bowl with fragrant blooms or potpourri for a delightful centerpiece. Prop a bowl on a stand for an instant, artful display.

Maybe we’re biased (OK, we’re definitely biased!), but we think bowls are also the perfect gift … especially when it’s a Serve Kindness bowl! Because you’re not just giving a gift—you’re helping create a ripple of kindness by supporting worthy charitable organizations with your purchase.

A Bowl for Every Occasion

wedding gifts that give back

Bowls are cherished objects, often passed down through generations. They are at the center of many of our most important cultural celebrations, practices, and rites. And that’s what makes them such a wonderful gift for so many occasions.

  • Weddings - When you give a bowl to a new couple, you’re giving them an instant heirloom. They might use our small bowls to serve popcorn on family movie night, our medium bowl at the family dinner table, or our large bowl to display flowers from the backyard garden. You may not know HOW the couple will use your gift of a bowl, but you can be assured it will play a special role in their family story!
  • Housewarmings - Whether a first purchase or just the latest in a series of moves, a house doesn’t truly become a home until it’s filled with the people and possessions that are most loved and treasured. Our bowls are the perfect way to welcome a family to their new abode. Find out their favorite decorating colors and give a set of bowls in complementary hues. Or fill one or more bowls with a meal or snack—who doesn’t want a break from cooking when in the midst of a move?
  • Hostess Gifts - Sure, wine and flowers are nice—if a somewhat expected gift choice. Delight your favorite hostess with a gift that lasts long after the party. Toss in some snacks, and you’re sure to become any hostess’ favorite guest!

  • Corporate Gifts - Looking for a unique gift for your employees or clients? Choose your company or brand colors or order a choice that suits the personality of each of your team members. We are happy to help you make your selections!

A Custom, Curated Gift

Perhaps our favorite thing about sharing bowls is that there are so many ways to create a truly one-of-a-kind gift. Mixing-and-matching sizes and colors, filling with fun or unexpected extras.

Serve Kindness bowls are available in three sizes and a rainbow of more than 20 colors, plus we offer a selection of nested sets in striking combinations for you to choose from. So there are plenty of opportunities to share a gift that’s just as special as the recipient. You can shop our entire offering here.

But maybe you have something extra-special in mind? We can help you with that, too! We love curating customized gifts for your specific needs. So if you’d like a little assistance creating the perfect gift for a wedding, housewarming, or any occasion, just let us know. Contact us at, and we’ll work with you to select sizes, colors, and other options.

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