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Kindness Matters

Kindness Matters

Kindness is such a necessity in an uncertain world. Performing an act of kindness can certainly make a person feel happier and it also has some other amazing “side effects.” Being kind can be good for the heart. It can slow aging. It can improve relationships.

Best of all: It’s contagious!

That’s a big part of the Serve Kindness mission. Intentional gift giving is a simple act with a powerful ripple effect. With every purchase of our glass bowls, you’re giving back to deserving organizations, offering help and hope to the individuals and families that these organizations serve. 

The Kindness of Our Customers

In 2018, Serve Kindness customers have helped us donate more than $8000 to multiple charities. These are organizations working to support women and children living in poverty, individuals fighting illness or injury, and other vulnerable members of their communities.

This financial support is vital for the work these charities do. And we thank all of our customers for their commitment to “intentional gift giving” and creating ripples of kindness with their purchase. Together we have made significant contributions to each of these organizations. 

The Kindness of Our Partner Charities

We are proud to partner with charities that work to spread joy and offer a helping hand to individuals and families in need. In celebration of the holidays, we asked some of these charities why they think kindness is so vital in today’s world and how the donations they receive this season will be used to support and “serve kindness” to those they help. Their answers thoughtfully and beautifully illustrate the value and importance of kindness.

Image from The Food Project Facebook Page of kids working a farm

Photo credit: The Food Project

From Lisa Jurras-Buchanan of The Food Project

Sharing food is sharing kindness, and at The Food Project, we believe that healthy food is a right. By supporting The Food Project through Serve Kindness, you are spreading kindness by increasing access to fresh, healthy, affordable food for everyone in our region.

From our farms to tables in Lynn, Roxbury, Lincoln, Dorchester, and beyond, let's spread kindness far and wide.

Image from Africa Yoga Project

Photo credit: Africa Yoga Project

From Danielle Cosgrove of the Africa Yoga Project

In a world where many communicate and participate in conversations through a screen, I find it especially important to cultivate kindness. Through the screen, a certain personal eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart connection is missing and it can seem almost cold or mindless. A culture of kindness is something that brings back that heart to heart connection and feeling, and humans thrive on that!

Donations received this holiday season will go a long way in supporting the hub of Africa Yoga Project: The Shine Center. The Shine Center is our yoga studio in Nairobi, Kenya, where more than 400 people gather every Saturday to take class together and then share a meal. The people who attend are from all types of backgrounds, all types of status, and often many different countries, yet when everyone gathers on their mats, there are no boundaries, there are no borders. Donations support operations and logistics.

The Shine Center creates that culture of kindness that we so need in our world today—it’s a safe, welcoming space for anyone to come and practice yoga and be in community.


Image from Oasis-A haven for women and children

Photo credit: Oasis-A haven for women and children

From Jennifer Brady, Executive Director of Oasis NJ 

"For the women and children at Oasis, kindness opens the door to opportunities. When our moms experience kindness from a volunteer or staff member, they can envision a brighter future for themselves and their children. When a child knows someone cares, they find hope and meaning beyond their immediate circumstances. Kindness makes a difference to all of us, but especially to those living in poverty.

Donations received by Oasis this holiday season will:

  • Help us to feed the hungry—kindness in a bowl!
  • Help us to teach the children so that they can sidestep the cycle of poverty.
  • Help us to empower moms to get their high school equivalency degree and be role models to their children.
  • Help “serve” kindness to all the women and children who walk through our doors in search of food, clothing and education—and in search of a brighter 2019! 

From Jenna Wilson of the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation

When Joshua was 5 years old, he began suffering from severe abdominal issues. By the time he was in first grade, the symptoms had progressed to the point his pediatrician sent him to a gastroenterologist, where a colonoscopy finally revealed that it was Crohn’s disease.

The funds raised through Serve Kindness purchases help advance critical research initiatives and support programs to make a difference in the lives of patients like Joshua. Your support funds important research, such as diet studies and our unique data platform (IBD Plexus) which is moving us closer to cures and better treatments for these diseases. We thank you for making a difference!

From Tiffany Willis of 50 legs

I believe kindness is contagious and once somebody receives kindness they are more apt to pay it forward with an act of kindness. Donations received will help provide prosthetics and care for the recipients of 50 legs.

Video Credit: 50 Legs

Learn more about these organizations and their missions, and find out how to support the charity of your choice with a Serve Kindness purchase.



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