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Director of Play, Magnum, Chooses BUDDY DOG

March 22, 2019

Director of Play, Magnum, Chooses BUDDY DOG

Jillian and I (Melissa) are both dog lovers, and it was important to us that Serve Kindness form a partnership with an animal shelter. Recently, we asked our followers on social media for suggestions of new charities with whom Serve Kindness should partner. Among the many nominees were a variety of shelters.

And leading the pack (pun intended!) was Buddy Dog, a shelter in Sudbury, MA, that promises homeless and impounded dogs and cats a new lease on life.

 A ‘Buddy’ Close to My Heart

We chose Buddy Dog as our new partner for the good work they do in helping to care for our community’s vulnerable four-legged members. But we also chose them because they are a cause very close to my heart.

My family adopted our dog, Magnum, from Buddy Dog, in 2015!

After losing our previous dog Nikki, we went to Buddy Dog to find a new friend to join our family and help us heal. There, we met Magnum, a gregarious, 7-month-old brindle pup who greeted us like he’d known us for years.

His tail wagged non-stop, and he was very generous with kisses. We were told he hailed from South Carolina—and he proved to be a true southern gentleman! He immediately stood out as “the one,” and we brought him home the very next day.

 Magnum loves people unconditionally. He also loves long walks and will chase anything that moves—once, even a coyote! In his “downtime,” he’s happy to lounge around the house. And he also enjoys spending time with his best friend, Lido, a terrier mix who was adopted from another local shelter.

Thanks to Buddy Dog, we had the good fortune of finding Magnum and making him a wonderful addition to our family. It was clear that he was lovingly cared for during his 7-week stay at the shelter.

It is such a wonderful feeling and a true honor to have rescued Magnum and give him the life every dog deserves.  

Magnum and Lido 

Canines & Kindness

There is no question that a dog is a (wo)man’s best friend. They come in all shapes and sizes and have so many spectacular traits. They are loyal, smart and kind, endlessly affectionate, and they listen unconditionally and without judgment.

Dogs have always been an integral part of my life, and we have had several different varieties. The one constant is that they have always been rescued from a shelter. You never know what you are going to get when you enter the shelter and adopt—but, rest assured, you’ll leave with a fun-loving and quirky new friend!

Buddy Dog is an incredible example of an organization that is serving kindness in their community. And we are incredibly proud to partner with them and to help raise awareness and funds for the amazing work they do.

Learn more about Buddy Dog Humane Society

Shop handblown glass bowls to benefit Buddy Dog with your Serve Kindness purchase!

“A dog teaches you unconditional love. If you have that in your life, things won’t be too bad.”

Robert Wagner

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