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Ways to Serve Kindness to Local Small Businesses

Ways to Serve Kindness to Local Small Businesses

We, just like many of you, are looking for ways to support each other and our local community. Small businesses, including non-profits, are the engine of our economy and it doesn’t take much effort to support them during this time when they are especially vulnerable. We’ve gathered our favorite ideas here: 

No-Cost Ways to Support Local Businesses

  1. Give a review on Google, Yelp, or Facebook.
  2. Give them a shout out on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. Be sure to tag their business and say why you like their product or service. Photos are great! 
  3. Email them a testimonial they can use in their marketing about why you value them, their service or product.
  4. Call your favorite non-profit and see how you could volunteer - make phone calls, help with social media - there are all types of support you can do from home or with minimal social contact.
  5. If you have an event scheduled, try to reschedule instead of canceling or donating the fee you paid. 
  6. If you can’t afford to keep paying people who work for you (think, cleaning, lawn, hairstylist, etc...) then send them a card of appreciation for their work.

Low-Cost Ways to Support Local Businesses

  1. Purchase gift cards. Businesses need cash flow right now. Think restaurants, spas, classes at your local art institution. 
  2. Commission or purchase a piece of art from an artist you love. Many openings and art shows have been canceled so individual artists are hurting.
  3. Shop local online - call your favorite shops to see if they are doing pick-up or delivery. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of small shops doing this (toy stores, gift store, houseware, etc..) - try your local shops before buying from big box online retailers. 
  4. If you can keep paying folks that work for you do so: cleaners, hairstylist, nanny, etc…
  5. Order delivery or take-out  - share their menu on social media
  6. Tip generously anyone delivering to your home - they are front line workers.

Let us know your ideas in the comments below!

Stay strong, stay safe!

~Jillian & Melissa


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